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The Erotic Lounge - When Dreams Become a Reality

Now listen, my Boss isn't the finest thing walking but there's something about the kids would say, his swag. He's not the tallest but the way he walks into those Board meetings and demands those White men's attention screams every bit of 6'5". Tailored suits, the darkest chocolate complexion, perfect teeth and hands the size of my hometown, Dallas Texas! And can we talk about his voice? The way he says "Good Morning Miss Adams," my God!

Any who, this week has been crazy! I'm the Administrative Assistant for his entire team. Thirty-five demanding Brokers. I have literally crashed as soon as I reached my apartment door every night this week! Tomorrow is Friday and I refuse to work a full day. My favorite cousin is coming in to town and I plan on showing her a good time!

I never found this man attractive until my ex started messing up *eye roll* you know how that goes! Which hasn't been long, and I haven't told anyone but it's obvious some of the men in the office has taken notice. Especially Brock Charles. That's my Boss. I always admired how he demanded attention and he's like a walking Encyclopedia. He goes out of his way to support all the Brothers and Sisters in the office and always has encouraging things to say to his entire staff. Very easy going. There's been rumors in the office that he's gay because at 46, no children, no wife, never any talk of girlfriends, well the people get to talking! I tend to mind my own business. I made a move out here to be with my ex so I don't know too many people. I'm a social butterfly but the people in New York aren't as friendly as us Southern Belles; so for me it's work home and then sleep.

Ever since the break up, I don't know if it's a natural glow from the stress I released (my ex was taking me THROUGH IT CHILE) or what, but Mr. Charles has been taking notice. A little light flirting here and there, a few suggestions to pick up a quick bite to eat after work and he even offered to fly me out "on business" since he would need an assistant at one of our annual conferences. Hard pass on that one buddy! I'm young but I'm not that naive!

So, I'm back at my apartment, another long day at the office. I look at my clock and it's 11:44pm. This has got to stop! I go to the fridge, to my surprise (yeah right) nothing's there but a bottle of wine and a lunchable left behind from my downstairs neighbor's kid I baby sit from time to time. So I pour myself a huge glass and knock out. Right there on the couch. As I've done every day this week. Sweet dreams!

My dreams are always pretty vivid. My Grandmother says it's a gift I got from her. My dreams are always enjoyable too. But tonight.....oh tonight, the wine has got the best of me.....and this dream!

Text from Brock reads: I can be there in about an hour. I'm wrapping up things in the office now.

My text: I'm not sure she can wait an hour *inserts explicit photo to show proof*

Brock: Oh, she's ready READY

Me: That she is! Now get here!

Forty-five minutes later, I find myself back up against that same empty fridge. What happened to my clothes? How did I get naked? So fast? Neck kisses turn into nipple bites and he's working his way down to my thighs. "OH! I'm going to have to lay down for this." "Shhhhh! Let me do what I do......" His voice. I'm definitely a river now. It's been two months and I know this doesn't sound long to some of you but my ex was a nympho. The longest we've ever gone was my period and he was in after the third day *shrugs* I miss that the most about him.

"Do you have a condom?" he asks......a condom? This is a dream! We aren't getting pregnant or catching STDs in dreams are we? Either way, this is getting good and I find myself shifting in my sleep. I think I'm even sucking my thumb......or is it this man's dick? Definitely his dick! "No, I don't have any condoms, you didn't bring any with you?"

"Well no, I had planned to stop and grab some but you said get here now. I figured you'd have them." Okay, now I'm annoyed. Because I want every inch of this man. You can't devour my sweet innocent vagina the way you just did and then say "psych, no dick for you!" How unfair is that?! Sigh. He picks me up off my knees and leads me back to my sofa. He gently bends me over the couch and rubs his thick, hard, blue black (it's so pretty y'all, it's like thee Grammy of dicks, PRETTY....his big hands tells no lies) up and down my wet, throbbing pussy. She's waiting to be violated! He is teasing my entire soul right now! Left hand has a tight hold on my hair and the right hand is controlling his dick on my lady parts while he's whispering in my right ear "sure you want this dick?" in the sexiest voice I have phone interrupts my sleep. Interrupts this amazing dream! HOW DARE YOUUUUU, WHO IS THIS?!!

It's my cousin! Oh shit! I look at my phone and it 2 in the! "Hey girl! I'm getting a cab to you now, send me your address again and did you leave the key under the mat like you said?"

Ohhhhhhh fuck! I look over to my right and baby.......this was NO DREAM! "I'm going to text it to you in a few, but I'm home. Be safe, see you in a few!"

Did I just fuck my Boss? Did my Boss just fuck me? I look through my phone and sure enough, not only were those texts between him and I real, but I sent him a pic of my lady part!! *screams* WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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