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Best friends to Lovers to.... Enemies?

Share your BEST advice! #fromtheinbox

Jezus where I start.

Ok so boom

One of my best friends and I had sex. I had been feeling like there was sexual energy coming from that side for a lil bit but I wrote it off as we’re just cool like that.

So me being the ♎️that I am need balance so I made certain we understood it was cool and it wouldn’t change anything between us and our friendship (me just hoping at that point).

So I ended up running into an ex later that day and we hung out for a few. As I was driving home I got a flat on 95 so I called him back to come help me. And he follows me home since I was in south Miami driving up to sunrise on a donut. One thing to another so boom we have sex. (You still with me 😩?)

So today comes along and I tell my best friend about my ex and I (because this is our normal type of relationship and hoping to gage if things can really be the same). It wasn’t. I immediately got the cold shoulder and now she’s pissed at me (yes purposely waited it’s a she).

How do I fix this shit when best friends may have taken things too far??

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