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Delivery Day 🎉

I say this every year and still never write the blog🤦🏾‍♀️

The kids’ birthdays are just a yearly reminder of giving birth 😩

Although Ayden’s Labor & Delivery was fast as heck and pretty damn easy, the PAIN.....whew, the PAIN!!

But Leah’s? Lindas.....listen. I wish this kind of labor on every woman!

So picture it....Miami Carnival morning, 38 weeks pregnant. Just BIG and miserable looking. An older Indian man came up to me and said “go home, yuh having dat child tonight!” With pregnancies, you’ll quickly learn that older people are always RIGHT! Not even 20 minutes later, I’m feeling pressure on my butt. Too difficult to sit. Reminds me of the night before I went into labor with Ayden. So I go home. Everybody at the house wants to eat. I’m still not thinking this is the day. My southern regions just HURT and I wanna eat. No mucus plug, no I’m not thinking about anything but that conch salad at Conch Heaven!

So now my butt is on fire because the pepper was just too much (but sooooooo worth it). So back at my Mother’s I got Ayden (the boy just turned two the day before) rubbing my feet but I still can’t sit comfortably. So I go in my Mother’s room to see what her bed can offer me and I trip over her cat 🤦🏾‍♀️ Straight landed into the split position.

Back on the couch and I’m feeling “wet”. I go to the bathroom, freshen up but I notice 10 minutes later, I’m still “wet”. 🗣Kishaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! “How does it feel when your water breaks, because something’s not right but there’s no gush?!” I thought it happened like the movies and they had to break mine with Ayden.

Even though we’re close in age, Kisha is our 2nd Mother. So she’s like, “oh nah we’re going to the hospital! Call Nigel now!” Nigel’s at Carnival watching b00ngie playing Top Flight Security...we will NOT reach Nigel. Somehow, after blowing Nigel up and a few others, a team of folks get to Nigel and now we’re in the middle of Carnival traffic picking up Top Flight Security!