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Keynote Speaker, Sexpert, Podcaster, and Radio Host Sherri Shabazz, is a soulful sophisticated Scorpio who has created her own lane in the podcast industry.

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My Story

As the voice of reason on her provocative reality radio show, AfterHourz, Sherri along with her co-host and husband Nigel have provided a liberating and self evaluating online hub for persons of all walks of life— married or single. With a mellow approach to all things sex and relationships, Sherri has acquired thousands of faithful followers who eagerly await the release of her latest episodes and daily debaucherous social media posts.

After a brief hiatus, Sherri sanctioned her 2017 debut with a Florida based live audience show designed for complete authenticity and guest participation. Her number of listeners continues to grow as she gains the support of industry experts and fans worldwide. According to Sherri, her only ambition is to “be true every moment I am living.” She encourages her fans to do the same whether in the boardroom or bedroom.


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