Orgasms are Vitamins ♥️




I felt this was a very important message. The word needed to get out to the congregation!


Lindas......listen. Why are you denying your body natural vitamins? Do you understand the health benefits associated with an orgasm? If not, stop listening to Pastor, Mother of the Church, Religious best friend, the prudish Sister or whoever is trying to keep this beautiful blessing from your mind, body and soul. Everything we need, Mother Nature has blessed us.


Now listen, an orgasm can't cure everything and it won't solve all of your problems, but like coconut oil and good ole H2O, the shit is pretty damn magical. It does enough!
Anytime you have an orgasm, oxytocin, a natural hormone (not to be mistaken with OxyContin) is released from your body. This helps induce labor. Naturally. I know first hand. When the Doctor starts talking about inducing you with pitocin, start stimulating your nipples. This will cause the uterus to contract...this will also cause you to have an orgasm! Or maybe I just had a few because it doesn't take much for me? Either way, doesn't hurt to try🤷🏾‍♀️ Who wouldn't want an orgasm during delivery? I had two. No lies told. 


Any who, oxytocin also helps calm your mind. Your mood is much more pleasant after an orgasm. Have one tonight, or better yet, start your morning off with one and report back to me. I tell the women at work often, an orgasm a day keeps the attitude away. Many women aren't happy because they aren't receiving their daily vitamins! Orgasms help clear your mind. They help jumpstart your day! Just like an early morning run; you feel so revitalized afterwards! Your energy is twice as high! Hey, I'm only speaking from experience 🤷🏾‍♀️


And don't give me that "I don't have a man" bull either! As long as you got yourself, you're good! You can use toys, a shower head, fingers, etc. Just clear your mind, think nasty thoughts.....close your eyes and place yourself in your fantasy. Do this now😇 Talk to yourself, compliment your flaws, pretend you're your man and say everything you'd want your man to say to you....role play, be two different people, use your imagination. Turn on some porn. You have to put yourself in the moment. Suck your own nipples, rub them, pinch them....kiss them exactly how you'd want your sex partner to kiss them. Take one hand and rub the inside of your thighs, squeeze your ass, rub your fingers over your clit.....tease it. Get to know her. Use your natural juices as lube....and don't forget your thoughts. Keep them filthy and your mind in the moment. At all times.


Let your man watch. Then cum. Then let him make you cum again. And then go out into the world and be great! Be happy! Spread good cheer! Let that energy rub off on a Debbie Downer! Watch how much more pleasant your day is. And remember, it's a vitamin, so it needs to be taken daily. Multiple times a day if you can. It keeps your blood pressure down, you burn calories, reduce stress, and you sleep your BEST after a really good one! So it also helps with insomnia. 


Again, it's not a cure to everything, but with drinking your water, minding your own damn business, and having're gonna be alright 👍🏾 





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