Hedonism II - This Year’s Experience 🤫



So what goes on at "HEDO" stays at Hedo, but LINDA.....LISTEN!


Everybody knows I love sex. That's no secret. 🤷🏾‍♀️ But for some reason, people are surprised by the things I haven't tried or things I'm just not into. A friend gave me the title "Sex Enthusiast" a few years ago and I've pretty much used this title to describe my love for (almost) everything natural 💕


Whatever your kink is, I support you owning your filth and enjoying every chance you get! So, I support the brilliant minds of those who created Hedonism II. It's not a resort, it's an experience.
I've heard about Hedo but I always thought it was for Swingers. My experience with Swingers haven't always been the best; it's always some type of harassment from the men but if it's your thing...again, I support the kink. So, like the swingers clubs (haven't visited these yet either) I didn't have any desire to visit. 🤷🏾‍♀️


But we get to Hedo and it's everything Sherri would want in a vacation! Matter of fact, it's that little island Sherri wish she could build. Want to screw in the middle of the day? Outside? Because the breeze is nice, drinks are flowing, you're nude admiring your own flaws....life is just relaxing and you're feeling for an orgasm? And instead of sitting in some 2 hour long meeting at 2pm, you're on your knees enjoying nature's call. And nobody bothers you. They either: watch, start having sex themselves, or mind their own business.
And life goes on. That was Hedo for me the first time around. I became an addict from day one.


Fast forward to this year. This year was reeeeeeaaaaaalllllll interesting! LOL I definitely enjoyed myself but listen.......
So, we reach the airport and I notice, we're 20 minutes into our wait and no one has offered us any marijuana yet *blinks* is everything okay? I've been to Jamaica quite a few times and this has never happened. I'm kind of offended 😔 So the stars haven't aligned or some sh-t, I dunno but "Driverrrrrrrr, Sir....yeah, tanks!" 👍🏾 


So day one, I don't remember much because we crashed early! I do remember the hotel overbooking; we had to stay on the prude side for one night 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 so we were out of our element a little. The nude side allowed me to be free, I didn't come to adult's Disney to be restricted. And not that there are any restrictions on the prude side, because nudity is optional, the energy just isn't the same! You don't see random sex acts at 4pm just because it's hot out.
Or maybe it's just that, when it comes to sex, as open as I am talking about it, I like fucking in peace. I like to keep it private. Like, yes, I would totally be with Nigel at 6am on a balcony while others are walking by before breakfast but not in a pool with 100 other people sucking and fucking. So the nude side is where it's at for me! Not a lot of traffic and nudity is the norm.


Ohhhhhhh but don't get it twisted, certain times of night, the nude side turns into Freaknik. And I think that's what turned me off from this year. Not so much the Worst Behavior Tour or Hedonism the resort, Memorial Day weekend just turned this year's event into one huge ratchet fuckfest. It reminded me of Freaknik and Black Beach Week back in the day. I did BBW one time and knew immediately that just wasn't my crowd! So, I'll definitely visit again and definitely with Worst Behavior Tour, I just can't do Memorial Day Weekend.


This weekend was interesting. Had me on edge, like "what's next" daily! I was able to sit and talk to people about their lifestyle, I observed a lot and I tried forcing myself out of this sexual bubble I had no clue I was even in, but yeah.....that'll be some time lol!

 Russia. So here we are. Dining. Hibachi. It's just us two and an older Caucasian couple. We're across from each other and just enjoying good conversation, ya know? Everything feels normal. So here comes two other couples. One from Detroit, the other from New York. Now, this couple from NY is pretty interesting. They look wholesome. Well the wife does. Hubby looks like your everyday 9 to 5 perv, but whatever. We're all chatting it up and Nigel and I are clueless as to how Swingers even set up their rendezvous. So we're talking to the NY couple now because they're the closest and we're discussing racism, their kids and shit, wife moved from Russia to NY 15 years ago, blah blah blah. We're literally just making conversation. So we think.
I get up to use the restroom and as I'm walking back, the husband stops me to ask if we're going by the nude pool later. Now Bob, I know we seemed friendly but we don't want to continue this conversation outside of dinner. You tripping! Then Bob hits me with the shoulder grab and says "let me know if you guys go, my wife likes to play" and this mutha fucca winks as he walks his big Crabby Patty lookin ass off.


*long blink* WHAT just happened? So I rush back to tell Nigel and now we're both just looking at each other like "eeeeeeewl"! And the nude pool is our spot. We like to sit in the corner and people watch.
That's exactly what we do our 2nd night. Same corner. Just different people. Two minutes into "People Watch & Chill" who do we see? Russia (that's our name for them, just go with it). We're both mumbling to each other "act like you don't see em". But they come directly in front of us. Luckily, they were occupied. Apparently, when he said "play" he meant "my wife loves big black dicks". Long story short and not to tell folks bidness, it was so bad we couldn't stop watching. We felt judgmental as hell because we were definitely judging, but definitely in support of them living out their kinks! But......you know it's bad when I'm turned off 👀.


And who do we see first thing in the morning at breakfast? Russia! Oh, so now we're just gonna keep running into Roseanne's husband, Dan and his mail order bride? 😩 This is awkward.


Fast forward to dinner now, we're eating at a table with two gentlemen (who are obviously together) and two other couples. So I'm sitting next to one of the guys, chit chatting just like the night before.......and Nigel's like "aye watch that shit, before you go inviting people again". I chuckled but he wasn't lying. Seemed like being friendly and making conversation was definitely the green light to couples in the lifestyle. So I scaled back. But then I was drinking too and all I remember was us sharing crazy things we've seen so far. So I'm telling him about Russia, because so far, their movie last night was the craziest I've seen. And the guy is giving me light chuckles and a "well you gotta let people live, right?" And I'm like "of courseeee, but STDs you know....?" And as we're talking, Russia shows up to dinner! This time, they're seated at a table across from us and I'm like "oh speaking of the couple, that's them". Basically giving him the "you know white people do some crazy shit" tone as I finish my story. And the guy is still "well, you gotta let them live...."


Turns out he was one of the guys in the pool with Russia. We saw with our own eyes that night after dinner. LOL. "Gotta let them people live." 🤷🏾‍♀️


Hedo taught me that I definitely don't like large crowds and I need to just keep sipping my drink when I see some shit I just don't understand!

 It has also taught me that taking nudes while drinking and under the influence of a little herbal essence, can and definitely will boost your confidence level sky high! Also, adult vacations are now mandatory for me. For US! The getaway is definitely needed and if clothes are required, do NOT sign me up! 




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