This....THIS is why I wax!


👀 we don’t judge, right?

So, I needed to shave last minute Sunday. Haven’t shaved in God knows when because I wax. But I needed to clean up last minute because of an outfit I was going to wear. So I hop in the shower and get everything ya know (so all of the ass crack).

Fast forward to today, I get out of the shower this morning and I’m like....WHYtf is my ass itching? Like wtf...?! At work now ready to throw the entire piece of panty in the trash because this is irritating my soul!!!! Then I remembered the shave. I was legit concerned before I remembered I went old school razor on my ass crack.

Any who, I totally forgot about the irritating itchy feeling from the hair growing back (perks of waxing). Sigh. My entire lower region will be all up in the esthetician’s face this weekend! The kids like to pull pranks; I really thought they slipped some itching powder or something in my drawer or coconut oil 🙄 I’m SO miserable 😩 


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