What’s your Sign?




Lindas, listen.
I do NOT care if you “don’t believe in that stuff”, if I ask you what’s your zodiac sign, just tell me ya damn sign!
I wanna know how to deal with you. And yes, there are exceptions and more to you than just your sun sign, but for my sanity, I gotta know.
If you’re an Aquarius, I know that there’s a high chance of you being sensible. Pisces, you’re gonna bring me peace. Taurus….I need you to just stay from me if you’re a woman. Far. B-tch, that wayyyyyy. We ain’t gon make it sis. (Again, there are exceptions). Aries. You can’t boss me, don’t try. Once you understand this, we’re gonna have some funnnnn! Gemini, look. Show me who you really are first and we might make it. And if we do? TALK ABOUT FUN! Don’t get me arrested tho. Please. And don’t try to con me, I was raised by a Gemini. Cancers. Sigh. *hugs* lol that’s all I got. If you on your meds, we may be aiight. Leo. We bout to have some FUN! But like Gemini, don’t try to con me. Virgo. Some of y’all cool, some of y’all need to leave the earth. Take the sticks out your butts and we’re gonna have a great time! Libra. Biiiiiiiiihhhhhh we bout to talk about ERRYTHANG that brings joy! Dragons, unicorns, sex, peace, spirituality, weed, butt rubs….gosh! Scorpio. Listen. We’re either gonna be bffs or enemies. We’re definitely gonna talk about sex. For hours. Into the next day. For breakfast. Maybe lunch too. Sagittarius, I still haven’t figured you all out. I don’t think you’ve figured you out either tho. Capricorn. Women. Bye. We not gon make it. (Again, there are exceptions)

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