because spelling welcum any other way just wouldn't be me! Any who, welcummmmm to my very random, weird, deep, complex & highly sexual brain. 😊😇
August 15th made 5 years since I started #AfterHourzRadio. Lindas....listen. I never knew I had a "gift". I call it a personality, you know, something I thought every human had (WRONG) but yeah.....never knew I had this gift until I started entertaining others more. I'm probably the most anti-social, social person you'll ever meet (and you'll understand this the more you read my blogs) so when folks would say things like "girl you need to blog, you need a reality show, you should do this, do that"......I'm like, "I'm just being me bruh." But ok. If you like it, (turns to Nigel) Nige, let's make some money!
 So here, we are coming up on 6 years and I'm JUST now getting more comfortable exposing ME.....all of ME to this ignorant, cruel, judgmental world. And I have a few folks to thank for that but yeah, I'll thank them once we get our first "Mama, WE MADE IT" check. 😊
Just like FB, IG, Twitter, the radio show and pretty much any open forum I can't think of, you'll get ALL of me here. From what I understand, I'm pretty interesting & entertaining so hope you enjoy! I'm not your average soccer mom😋 #buckleyourseatbelt #stopexpectingpornthough 

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