I’m a Squirter....



Not really me, I just used that title to get your attention 😜 People are nosey and you just proved that fact!

But it’s okay, because it would’ve made me click the link too! You’re in a safe, judgment free zone here🤗

Back to squirting. “Know your audience” applies here. Now, while squirting is not 100% urine, urine is definitely in the mix. And that’s okay! If you’re with that kind of stuff, own it & enjoy! But just understand, not everyone is down with piss. That’s just not everybody’s cup of tea. So, if you are a squirter, this is something that’s the norm for you, you may want to let your partner know before you turn the water hose on. It’s only polite, pumpkin🤷🏾‍♀️.

On the flip side, squirting is one of the most INTENSE orgasms you’ll ever experience! So, understand, if a woman climax to the point where you two have to relocate to the couch for the night.....you did well my friend. You did well. Or she has one hell of a strong sexual imagination. Either way, squirting is equivalent to winning the lotto. Not every woman is fortunate enough to experience this.

And not all women want to experience squirting. I can’t really say I blame them, but just once should be on every woman’s bucket list! No pressure though!

So Lindas, L I S T E N!! I’m not here for the mess. AT ALL! I’d rather not squirt because of the mess, but Lindassssss,  

L I S T E N!!!!! Anna Mae Bullock!!! 


Just once. I can teach you how to squirt or teach you how to make your partner squirt, but there’s Google 😘 (that’s just a whole nother post). One quick tip though: Know your g-spot! Know her g-spot. And clear your mind. Go in without inhibitions, no expectations and don’t feel embarrassed (or shame your partner) if it happens! There is a little urine in the mix, but I’m sure your mouth has been on worse! 


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