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So listen, as much as I want to go into details right now about my VagiSteam experience, I don’t have the time to cover everything. So before we even start, make sure you check out ‘shopfrostingbeauty’ on Instagram! 

Back to me and my vagina 😏 So listen, I went expecting the worst pain possible. I’ve had a bath done before and the steam is UNBEARABLE 😩 So I just knew I’d be in this woman’s shop acting a plum fool...wrong! 

I don’t know if it was because I did the steam two days post-menstrual or what (you know, your hormones are on a HUNNED right after) but as soon as that steam hit my lady parts, I wanted to bend over on all fours with my cheeks spreaded and an arch so good, my ancestors would be cheering me on! Let’s not judge, it’s how I felt *shrugs* Then for some reason, my vagina’s brain said “open your legs wider”......and I did. Whoa NELLY! The way my clit responded to the steam🙈 This is absolutely nobody’s business and I’m not trying to tell my vagina’s business, but Lindaaaaa, L I S T E N!!! It was such a sensual yet intense session. I wanted Nigel, B A D! Like how much longer do I have? Just writing this is bringing back great flashbacks, thank you ShopFrosting 😚

Now, your experience may not be as awesome as mine; however, there are some great health benefits and all the herbs are right there in the office so you know what you’re putting into your system. I got the premium steam but I’ll be focusing on herbs that’ll help with my menstrual cycle going forward and blog the journey just in case there are others suffering with me 😩

The steams are between $45-$65. Take care of your health. Check out ShopFrosting’s page, research vaginal steams and be sure to check out the full video on my YouTube: coming soon! 

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