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Nikki’s Kryptonite: Not My Circus ❤️💔❤️

Why can’t men be decent human beings?! What’s SO hard about their personalities matching their dicks?

Of course I can’t leave in peace. And it’s not Jordan. Sigh. As soon as he opens the door to let me out, we’re greeted by this petite chocolate firecracker. Here the fuck we go! I just want to get home to a shower. I look over to him, who obviously thought the young lady left. I did too.

"Look, I didn’t come here to start any shit...” Uhhhhh you didn’t come to start what? “But Jordan knows why I’m here and I’m not leaving until he acts like a grown ass man and talks to me!” I’m so confused, and sleepy. I just want to go home, shower and drown myself in a big glass of wine! I moved passed her and excused myself from the drama. I was just thankful my car was not touched! Whew! Not going to lie, her damaging my vehicle was my first concern, but I was too deep into the orgasms to care at the moment!

Whatever “she” had to talk to Jordan about, it was obvious he was unbothered. He stood there in front of the door like he was blocking her from entering with his hands folded across his chest, no shirt on and some old grey sweat pants. Looking like rough sex. He was a beautiful piece of art, great to look at; but Lord knows he should come with a warning label! Several!

I wished them luck, hopped in my car and drove off as fast as possible. On my 20 minute commute home, all I could think about was that man’s mouth! His kisses on my inner thighs. The way he cuffed my ass while eating my soul! Ugh!! I wanted to fight off the thoughts but they just kept coming. As much as I wanted to turn them off, the excitement of last night turned me on in a way I’ve never experienced before.

I sat in my car in the parking garage of my complex for another 30 minutes pleasing myself. I couldn’t help but touch the excitement he caused between my legs. My heart could never want Jordan, but my pussy.......well that was another story!

Stay tuned! 

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