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Nikki's Kryptonite - Meet Jordan

“Just call me when you’re on the way.”

This is the text I get from my ex. My off and on headache. Father to the many kids we’ve discarded in condoms....and other body parts. My kryptonite. He’s so fucking arrogant but it’s so damn sexy to me! I hate that about myself. This man has total control over my vagina and it’s sickening! I hate his guts but oh how I love when his penis is deep in my guts! Sigh.

We’re horrible for each other. We know this. We know we’ll never be together and we’re not even trying at this point. But our private parts haven’t received the memo. It’s so complicated but we’re okay with it. He knows I’m at my girlfriend’s party, so he knew I’d be intoxicated. Weak enough to answer his text with the usual “cool.” And the sad thing about all of this is, I’m going to cut my girl’s party short just to go ride my favorite piece of meat!

“I’m on my way, have my drink ready!”

“Bet. What kind of panties are you wearing?”

“Panties? I wouldn’t dare mess up this dress!”

“That’s my girl! See you in a bit.”

We’re so nice to each other when we want to fuck. Any other time, we’d be hollering, hanging up, calling back, hollering, hanging up, calling back...!

As soon as we see each other, it’s intense kissing! The type of affection you see in the movies. The man is great in this area, let me tell you! He reached his hands up my thighs and started gently massaging my clit. I’m usually a take charge woman in the bedroom, but something about Jordan; I allow him to take total control over my mind, body, soul and definitely my vagina. Always.

He finished teasing me, planted a kiss on my forehead and we chit chatted over two drinks.

I was already a little inebriated from my girlfriend’s party, so I was over the small talk! At this point, I just want to straddle his face and take it from there! His smell, touch, smile, his print.....all of this has me so weak right now! And he’s busy asking me about my week...? If you don’t put all of your dick in my mouth! Right now......!

That’s what I’m thinking. But for some reason, I’m the weakest bitch when it comes to him. I want his sexual confidence! These drinks want me to be a beast, but.....! Why won’t he just walk over here and pat my lips with his dick? Why is he telling me about his sister’s car accident? Sigh.

I stood up and grabbed him by his hand. “Let’s go in the room! I’m gonna freshen up...” He pulled me closer and whispered in the deepest, sexiest, nastiest tone, “you know I like to taste the excitement as it cums. I wanna taste what I did to her earlier.”

That’s what I’m talking about!

He grabs me by the waist and starts kissing my hips through the fabric. It’s heavy panting going on just from the anticipation.

My dress is now around my neck and I’m halfway on his bed. Legs locked tight as he has the perfect tongue hold on my clit; fingers gently but aggressively massaging my g-spot. These sheets don’t stand a chance tonight!

We hear the doorbell, followed by three loud knocks!


Sigh. And this ladies and gentlemen, is how Jordan Cash lives his life.

To be continued....

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