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Nikki’s Kryptonite: Check Your Feelings ❤️ 💔 ❤️ 21.03.2018

Can you believe this?! All this noise and this man is still devouring my soul. I can’t lie, I wish I wasn’t allowing what was happening right now affect my mood, but this is just too much!

“Jordan, get off of me!!” We’re literally having a tongue-of-war right now. Sigh. “Nikki, you’re doing too much! Relax, they’ll go away!”

The aggression in his tone, along with the chaos going on outside his door....sigh. I am so turned on! This is insane.

This bitch is not leaving anytime soon. His phone has been ringing like crazy, which is still in the living room, but he’s too occupied to care and I’m....well, I’m two minutes away from causing a serious flood!

I’ve been in this woman’s position. I’ve been here; too many times to count! With him. I want to gather my things and leave, but the things he’s doing to me! Ugh.

He finally released my soul from his tongue to turn his phone off. Seeing his erection and his toned physique left my mouth watering. I wanted to swallow him whole!

“Close the door behind you!” He hopped back on the bed, kissing my neck while massaging my nipples. I see why bitches are outside his door at two in the morning! Again, I’ve been there. Sigh.

He turned me around, rubbing his fingers in my wetness while stroking his manhood. “Spread ya cheeks. Let me see that pussy.” He starts entering me while grabbing my left cheek. I couldn’t help but slide back on it. I grabbed all of it with my tight grip. He pushed my head down into the pillow and fucked me like he had something to prove!

Between all of the ass smacking, hair pulling, and “o shits”, I forgot all about the uninvited guest.

I woke up to gentle biting on my butt. Sprawled across his bed in all of this mess we made. Still half asleep, I mumbled “don’t think I forgot about last night.” He immediately got defensive!Shit changes when he’s not deep in the yoni. “See, you’re always on some bullshit! Why can’t you just chill sometimes?!”

Chill? Was I not chilling when he had me pinned up in this bed acting like everything but a child of God?

You know what. He’s right. I know what kind of man I’m laid up with. I know the bullshit he enjoys and still decide to deal with him. Shake your attitude, Nikki and get out. You got your nut and a nap, go home!

Stay tuned for more! 

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